Writing a quarter rest

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Writing a quarter rest

They had said they had something to show her and with it being April 1st she steeled herself for something bad. Over the years the three, friends since high school, had played a plethora of pranks on one another.

The weapons had included toothpaste, super glue, cereal, sugar, and hot sauce to name a few. They stopped her, and Chris tried to cover a snicker.

Reece slapped him and patted her shoulder. Kirsty sighed and nodded. The door lock clicked behind her and she pulled off the blindfold. The room was pitch black. She held her hands in front of her and shuffled to the wall. As she followed the wall so she could find the lightswitch, her hands ran over strange shapes.

It felt like something was pinned to the wall; everywhere. Light filled the room instantly and she looked around to find herself in a room of hats.

The boys had pinned every kind of hat imaginable to the walls, Top hats, sports caps, bowler hats, straw hats, felt hats, hats with feathers, hats with ribbons, even party hats!

She slowly turned, her mouth agape. Kristy stayed silent as she studied the room. Her plan had worked. The boys had fallen for the best prank she had ever pulled. On the first day of Grade 7, when the three had met, Kristy had told the boys that she had a phobia of hats.

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For all those years she had had multiple pranks pulled on her and every time she had reacted exactly the way she would if she had a phobia. Her parents had even told the boys to stop when she sobbed uncontrollably after one of their jokes.

Now in their first year of Uni, she guessed they had saved the best for last. But the joke would be on them. Kristy found a hat she liked and placed it at a jaunty agle on her head. She leaned up against the wall facing the door and waited.

After another minute Reece cracked open the door and peered inside. When he saw Kristy his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Kristy stayed there, a grin on her face as she watched the two of them stand stunned in the doorway.

The sound of thumpng feet neared her and when they swung open their door a bucket of yellow paint emptied downward, soaking them. He turned to Chris. They led blindfolded Kristy toward the end of the hall where their best prank yet was set up.

After so mamy years of brainstorming and stifling their at pranks they could finally pull the queen of them all.

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They stopped and Chris let out a choked snicker. Reece slapped him and shook his head. Seriously dude, we are so close.

Kristy nodded and Chris opened the door, trying to cover another laugh. Reece shoved her inside and quickly shut the door, flipping the lock.

writing a quarter rest

They stepped back from the room and Chris finally let out his amusement. All that waiting has paid off big time! Not even a whimper came through.

Chris frowned at Reece.The Purdue Writing Lab Purdue University students, faculty, and staff at our West Lafayette, IN campus may access this area for information on the award-winning Purdue Writing Lab.

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writing a quarter rest

Her high Intelligence score might allow her to prepare a . Students cut out the music notes, rests, and clefs and glue them next to the correct words. Includes whole notes through eighth notes, and whole rests through quarter rests.

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