The story and success of federal express

The FedEx wordmark is notable for containing a subliminal right-pointing arrow in the negative space between the "E" and the "X", which was achieved by designing a proprietary font, based on Univers and Futurato emphasize the arrow shape.

The story and success of federal express

Early years[ edit ] Frederick Smith was born in MarksMississippithe son of James Frederick Smith—who before age 20 dropped his first name, expressing a preference to be known as Fred or Frederick—the founder of the Toddle House restaurant chain and the Smith Motor Coach Company renamed the Dixie Greyhound Lines after The Greyhound Corporation bought a controlling interest in InSmith entered Yale University.

While attending Yale, he wrote a paper for an economics class, outlining overnight delivery service in a computer information age. Folklore suggests that he received a C for this paper, although in a later interview he claims that he told a reporter, "I don't know what grade, probably made my usual C," while other tales suggest that his professor told him that, in order for him to get a C, the idea had to be feasible.

The paper became the idea of FedEx for years, the sample package displayed in the company's print advertisements featured a return address at Yale. Marine Corps service[ edit ] After graduation, Smith was commissioned in the U.

Marine Corpsserving for three years from to as a platoon leader and a forward air controller FACflying in the back seat of the OV Much mythology exists about this part of his life; Smith was a Marine Corps "Ground Officer" for his entire service. He was specially trained to fly with pilots and observe and 'control' ground action.

He never went through Navy flight training and was not a "Naval aviator" or "pilot" in the military.


Individuals who completed Navy flight training and became a "Designated Naval Aviator" pilot were obligated to serve six years at the time.

As a Marine, Smith had the opportunity to observe the military's logistics system first hand. He served two tours of duty in Vietnamflying with pilots on over combat missions.

He was honorably discharged in with the rank of Captain, having received the Silver Starthe Bronze Starand two Purple Hearts. His Silver Star citation reads: On the morning of 27 Maywhile conducting a search and destroy operation, Company K became heavily engaged with a North Vietnamese Army battalion occupying well-entrenched emplacements on Goi Noi Island in Quang Nam Province.

As Lieutenant Smith led his men in an aggressive assault upon the enemy positions, the North Vietnamese force launched a determined counterattack, supported by mortars, on the Marines' left flank. Unhesitatingly rushing through the intense hostile fire to the position of heaviest contact, Lieutenant Smith fearlessly removed several casualties from the hazardous area and, shouting words of encouragement to his men, directed their fire upon the advancing enemy soldiers, successfully repulsing the hostile attack.

Moving boldly across the fire-swept terrain to an elevated area, he calmly disregarded repeated North Vietnamese attempts to direct upon him as he skillfully adjusted artillery fire and air strikes upon the hostile positions to within fifty meters of his own location and continued to direct the movement of his unit.

Accurately assessing the confusion that supporting arms was causing among the enemy soldiers, he raced across the fire-swept terrain to the right flank of his company and led an enveloping attack on the hostile unit's weakest point, routing the North Vietnamese unit and inflicting numerous casualties.

His aggressive tactics and calm presence of min [sic] under fire inspired all who observed him and were instrumental in his unit accounting for the capture of two hostile soldiers as well as numerous documents and valuable items of equipment.

By his courage, aggressive leadership and unfaltering devotion to duty at great personal risk, Lieutenant Smith upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service. Inthe company began offering service to 25 cities, and it began with small packages and documents and a fleet of 14 Falcon 20 DA jets.

His focus was on developing an integrated air-ground system, which had never been done before. Smith developed FedEx on the business idea of a shipment version of a bank clearing house where one bank clearing house was located in the middle of the representative banks and all their representatives would be sent to the central location to exchange materials.

The story and success of federal express

It kept FedEx alive for one more week. He served as chairman of the U. He is a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame. Smith also owns or co-owns several entertainment companies, including Dream Image Productions and Alcon Films producers of the Warner Bros.

Bush while at Yale, after Bush's election, there was some speculation that Smith might be appointed to the Bush Cabinet as Defense Secretary. BushSmith chose to endorse Bush's re-election in When Bush decided to replace Rumsfeld, Smith was offered the position again, but he declined in order to spend time with his terminally ill daughter.

Some had speculated that Smith might have a role as an economic advisor in a theoretical McCain administration. Smith was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.Article by Smith on how Fedex came to be, includes the story of the paper he wrote while at Yale.

The story and success of federal express

USA Today Q&A on his love of history; Chief Executive Magazine Names Fred Smith CEO of the Year "Frederick W. Smith". Executive PayWatch Database. AFL-CIO. Archived from the original on September 4, ; Frock, Roger ().

FedEx Corporation SuccessStory FedEx earlier known as Federal Express is the World’s largest airline cargo carrier. It specializes in delivering parcels of every size and shape. The man behind the Federal Express success story is Fred Smith new business venture is high. Fed Ex transports more than 3 million packages every day.

. FedEx Corporation is an import/export company, incorporated October 2, , in Delaware. FDX Corporation was founded in January with the acquisition of Caliber System Inc.

by Federal Express. With the purchase of Caliber, FedEx started offering other services besides express shipping. Federal Express has changed the air freight business by sending packages through a single location. Founder Fred Smith picked his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Packages are brought in at night, sorted, and sent out again by morning. To build his business, Smith hired entrepreneurs and former. Europe: FedEx Corporation acquired TNT Express, one of the world’s largest express delivery companies, which offers road and air delivery services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.

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