The steps in becoming a teenage terror behind the wheel

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The steps in becoming a teenage terror behind the wheel

Jon Socrates Jon finds purpose in the cultivation of wisdom, strength, and manly virtue. In a few decades, progressives were able to normalize homosexuality in mainstream culture and finally legitimize homosexual relationships in the eyes of the law.

In just a few years, progressives have made great strides in their efforts to normalize transgenderism in mainstream culture, and they are currently legitimizing transgenderism in the eyes of the law.

Many non-progressives are concerned that these legal changes are less about guaranteeing the freedoms of gays and transgenders, and more about enforcing the worldview of progressives and punishing dissent. However, there is also a growing concern that the next frontier of legally-enforced moral relativism is pedophilia.

Progressives, of course, scoff at such notions. And yet, the last few years have made it clear that the slippery slope is real, and we are steadily sliding down it. Whether the progressives of today want to admit it or not, they are currently laying the groundwork for the future legalization of pedophilia.

This totally impossible, morally repugnant, never-gonna-happen upheaval in the moral and legal landscape of our society is not really impossible at all. This step is currently underway. Young children are already receiving such treatments.

The steps in becoming a teenage terror behind the wheel

Oregon now uses Medicaid funds to pay for puberty-suppressing hormones. Of course, a lot of the advocacy for children receiving hormone therapy still comes with a lot of talk about parental consent, about families coming together to decide what is really the best course of action.

The steps in becoming a teenage terror behind the wheel

But, this is only temporary. Others in the transgender lobby argue for the medical necessity of puberty-suppressing hormone therapy in order to convince private insurers to pay for it.

Once puberty-suppressing hormone therapy is deemed medically necessary, parental consent becomes irrelevant. Children who decide they want such treatment will be viewed the same as children who need insulin or blood transfusions.

Not only will welfare and private insurers pay for it, but parents resistant to getting their children this treatment will be coerced into doing so by the government. Destigmatize pedophilia first as a mental disorder, then as a sexual orientation This step is also underway. Progressives, as Yiannopoulos points out, have a history of defending pedophilia and challenging claims that it causes harm to children.

However, these terms, by their most basic definition, do apply to pedophilia. After all, the pedophile has a mind that is disordered and unhealthy, and his sexual impulses have a clearly identifiable goal toward which they are oriented. The problem is not with understanding pedophilia as a mental disorder or sexual orientation per se, but with the moral relativism that progressives heap onto madness and perversion.

No doubt there are many non-progressives who can pity someone with a pedophilic disorder or orientation, in the same way that they might pity a rabid dog even as they put it down. For progressives, though, mental disorders and sexual orientations must not just be identified and categorized, but must also be destigmatized.

The final step is just a combination of the first two. After all, a child deciding to receive hormone therapy is a child making sexual decisions about his or her News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals.

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