The importance of understanding break even analysis

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The importance of understanding break even analysis

The feedback [ 1519 ] For the analysis of the interpersonal interactions of a role-play situation, nurses can use the three-stage model of the counseling process. This model helps the patient to explore, understand and act, while the helping relationship aims to establish warmth and rapport, to clarify problems, to set goals, to identify ways of action and evaluate their effectiveness [ 8 ].

In a role-play situation the nurse has to give patient the opportunity to express his opinion about his problem and participate in decision making. The counselling relationship includes eight stages, which are as follows: Discussion of the surface issues. Revelation of deeper issues. Ownership of feelings and possibly emotional release.

Problem-solving and future planning. Action by the patient. Disengagement from the counselling relationship by the patient [ 20 ]. Furthermore, for the analysis of the interaction between a nurse and a patient, the nurse can utilize the communication strategy for conformity or diversity [ 22 ].

The importance of understanding break even analysis

This type of communication plan usually views communication and information as means of control and conformity in terms of knowledge, attitudes, values, and behaviours.

Additionally, strategies of supportive communication can guide the conversation between the nurse and the patient and result in a supportive solution [ 23 ]. For applying the principles of supportive communication, the interviewer needs: To focus communication on specific behaviours 2.

To be congruent 3. To be descriptive towards other people 4. To be conjunctive 5. To adopt supportive and active listening 6. When nurses apply the above principles during a role play situation, they can create the appropriate environment for the provision of effective counselling and support to their patients.

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Conclusion Nurses need to have the ability to communicate effectively with patients in order to achieve the desirable therapeutic outcome. For this purpose, the use of a role play situation between a nurse and a patient can contribute to the implementation of the expected therapeutic outcomes.

However, a theoretical basis is essential for an effective interaction between patients and nurses. Apart from good care providers, nurses should be good counsellors in their interaction with their patients. They also need to be honest and friendly in order to create a therapeutic relationship with patients.

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Keywords. Role play, interaction, communication skills, patient, therapeutic outcome. Introduction. Communication is an essential component in people’s life, since it gives them the opportunity to exchange opinions, thoughts and ideas.

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