Should torture be allowed or not

Torture is not Good Education:

Should torture be allowed or not

A Pastor with a D. I've discovered an army of Southern Baptists, usually silent in public, who feel empowered to comment on blogs, and their comments are both needed and thought provoking.

One such layman, a highly educated professional himself, wrote a comment on last week's post about mail order degrees obtained by some Southern Baptist pastors.

Tom Kelley did not comment about fraudulent degrees, but instead wrote about D. However, Tom expressed his disapproval that these pastors either insist on being called "Dr. Min degree does not afford. Tom explained his feelings in this manner: It's appropriate, if one sees a need, for a D.

But one should no more call a D. In fact, a pastor with a Ph. Even someone with an M. No speaker is listed as "Dr. Most speakers have earned the D. A couple have earned Ph. It is right to do away with all titles when SBC pastors are called to preach the word of God.

Christ Himself spoke about being careful of considering oneself superior to those to whom one speaks Matthew Do you agree that the D. Min is not an academic research degree, and that pastors desire to be identified as a person with this degree, they should abstain from "Dr.

Min after their name, as would an attorney with a Juris Doctorate degree? Or do you believe that a pastor with a D. Min should be called "Dr. It seems that most Southern Baptist pastors with a D. Min believe it is both normal and expected for their congregations to refer to them as "Dr.

I think Tom Kelley has made some valid points about this being an errant practice.Sep 17,  · Torture warrants, Dershowitz insists, are one way to shine law’s light on this darkness, especially if one believes there are times when torture should be permitted. Many will be horrified that Dershowitz even allows himself to think such thoughts.

Can Muslims torture prisoners of war? The sections of this article are: 1- Can Muslims torture prisoners of war?

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2- Did Prophet Muhammad ever abuse or kill any of his Captives or take personal revenges from them? 3- Muslims are commanded by Allah Almighty to treat their Captives with kindness and to feed them! The idea of torture was seen only as something that happened far away in time, and it should not even be considered as an issue of the modern society.

Furthermore, torture was seen as a violation of the fundamental human rights, which were protected by different human rights conventions.

Should torture be allowed or not

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Many people argue that torture should not be allowed in any circumstance. Every human being has its rights protected by human rights conventions, and not being tortured is one of them. As such, torture should not be allowed in any case.

How to Argue Against Torture