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LinkedIn0 The youngest person ever elected to the Senate, Jordon Steele-John, has delivered his first speech to the upper house. He fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Scott Ludlam. Ludlam resigned after discovering he had New Zealand dual citizenship. The High Court ruled that he was ineligible and ordered a countback of the re-run Senate count.

John greens speech

Danko — President of Butler University] Source: Johns other best selling books include: He was the recipient of the Michael L. In addition to his literary success John and his brother Hank, have become cultural icons through VlogBrothers, in exchange for YouTube video blogs between the two of them since John greens speech VlogBrothers channel has received overmillion views and has created a world wide community of people called: Who celebrate intellectualism, empathy for others, and social justice.

Hank teaches science and Hank teaches literature, U. History and World History. John performed an evening of Awesome to a sold out crowd in Carnegie Hall in January He truly represents the ideals of Butler University. John will you please come forward.

This is the first words of my speech. My own commencement speaker, who shall remain nameless, began with a lame joke about how these speeches only come in two varieties: I do wanna congratulations everyone who is here today, and I do mean everyone, parents, families, friends, professors, coaches.

Every single person in Hinkle today has given something to make this moment possible for the class ofexcept for me, but everyone else has. But I wanna will a special congratulations to you graduates today. I want you to spend one minute, which I know is an eternity in the age of the John greens speech, but I want you to spend one minute if you will.

Think for just one minute of those who have loved you up into this day. I want to return to them soon, but first I have to deliver terrible news, which is that you are all going to die.

This is another time-honored tradition of American celebration, the Raining on the Parade. You are going to die. Not only that, it gets worse. Everything you ever make and think and experience will be washed away by the sands of time, the Sun will blow up and no one will remember Cleopatra ruling Egypt or Crick and Watson untangling the structure of DNA or Ptolemy fathoming the stars or even that improbably wonderful game against Gonzaga.

I just would note that the default assumption is that the point of human life is to be as successful as possible, to acquire lots of fame or glory or money as defined by quantifiable metrics: The hero starts out with no money and ends up with a lot of it, the hero starts out an ugly duckling and becomes a beautiful swan, or starts out an awwkard girl and becomes a vampire mother, or grows up an orphan living under the staircase and then becomes the wizard who saves the world.

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But I am here today to tell you that those stories are wrong. And here is the good news nested inside the bad news: Many of you, most of you, are about to make that journey.

You will go from being the best-informed, most engaged students at one of the finest universities around to being if you are lucky the person who brings coffee to people, or a Steak n Shake waiter, as I once was.

Your student loans will come due and you will have a hard time and you will need a very good answer for why you exactly you went to college in the first place, which answer you will have a hard time coming by as you sit at your job, provided you are lucky enough to find a job, and suffer the indignity of people calling you by the wrong name or, if you are forced to wear a name tag, people calling you by the right name too often.

And because you went to Butler, you will be more alive to the experience, better able to contextualize it and maybe even find the joy and wonder hidden amid the dehumanizing drudgery. As long as I live under the capitalistic system, I expect to have my life influenced by the demands of moneyed people.

The Speech on Listening Given by Author John Green Analyzes Adulthood Fears

But I will be damned if I propose to be at the beck and call of every itinerant scoundrel who has two cents to invest in a postage stamp.

This, sir, is my resignation. Education provides context and it provides comfort and it provides access, no matter the relationship between your field of study and the trajectory of your post-collegiate life. But still, you are probably going to be a nobody for a while.

John greens speech

For in learning how to be a nobody, you will learn how not to be a jerk. You will tip well. You will be a mentor, and a generous one. In short, you will become like the people you imagined in silence a few minutes ago.

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You want to be the kind of person who other people—people who may not even born yet—will think about in their own silences years from now at their own commencements.Nov 28,  · Maiden speech by Senator Jordon Steele-John, Australian Greens senator for Western Australia.

Steele-John replaced Scott Ludlam, following Ludlam's resignation and . Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of the address that best-selling author John Green ’00 H’16 gave at the th Commencement ceremony May A rallying cry from the author John Green in support of traditional publishing – in which the bestselling young-adult author calls on readers to "strike down the insidious lie that a book is the.

President Decatur, faculty, staff, parents, friends and members of Kenyon’s Class of Congratulations. To all of you. Seventeen years ago, I was supposed to be graduating from Kenyon. speech on listening - In his speech on listening, John Green discusses the horrors of adulthood.

The author gave the commencement address at his alma mater, Kenyon Colle / Popular author and blogger John Green was a commencement speaker this year at his alma mater, Kenyon College. He spoke about the importance of listening and the way a liberal arts education can make adulthood actually not seem terrible.

Below are 10 important things we all need to take away from John Green’s commencement speech. 1.

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