How to write a letter to a soldier in basic training

Within the first week of arriving at RTC, the recruit will be given the opportunity to send one address card home to give her family and friends the proper address for letters. Because RTC is such a large base, each ship or barracks has its own address. Therefore, you must wait for the address card from the recruit to know where to send the mail.

How to write a letter to a soldier in basic training

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BUT, and this is a big but, there are rules about what can be sent. Letters, cards, pictures, those are fine. Funny cards can lift the spirits; newspaper articles or the funnies, or the local paper are great. The packages will be opened, and your recruit will pay the price.


Extra PT physical training can result, and the heartbreak of watching the drill instructor EATING those goodies in front of the unit, is really adding insult to injury…Things like cough drops are allowed, and in fact are a good idea to send — all those recruits from other parts of the country — all those germs, lots of physical activity and lack of sleep, means their immunity system is down, and they ALL get colds.

If a recruit received food or other contraband — alcohol, cigarettes, porn, etc. My husband told me — NO food… I so wanted to send a box of cookies, but we knew the rules. Mail call was so important! Any encouraging news, or news about the dogs, the neighbours, old friends, any news at all.

But telling him how proud we were of him, really helped him get through it. He did send me a note asking for vitamins and sore throat drops. He also asked for bug spray to try to combat the sand fleas.

He said it really helped to have them there as a reminder of who he was and why he was going thru hell. Please let us know what your recruit wanted — any good ideas for new parents?

What did your recruit ask you for specifically?If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade.

(3) Letters of recommendation should address the applicant’s duty performance, competency, oral and written expression, motivation, character, maturity, and potential for successful completion of training.

Oct 17,  · Simply write often to your soldier, sailor, airman, marine and guardsman. Remember The best time of the day for these recruits will be ‘Mail Call’ .especially when their name is called out! You don’t have to write a long letter; short upbeat notes from home can be just as effective.

This has made it so much easier and exciting to write to my son everyday #PROUDARMYMOTHER." simple and reliable which equals peace of mind for parents and loved ones of those in basic training or boot camp.

Thank you so much!" and getting the letter to the mailbox. My soldier loved it too since he had at least 1 letter every mail call.". No, the Soldier cannot decline and the leader is under no obligation to do the corrective training with the Soldier.

how to write a letter to a soldier in basic training

Frequently leaders will do the corrective. Once in basic training, there are usually two main discharges that we use to send recruits home.

One is the Entry Level Separation (ELS) and the other is the Existing Prior to Service (EPTS). These are both uncharacterized discharges (not honorable or dishonorable).

The Domestic Curator: Writing Letters To Military Recruits During Basic Training