How do you write a character bios

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How do you write a character bios

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Character Bios Who are these people? What do they want?
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Receive your emails here In short, it's not about what your character IS.

Well, first off, a lot of the TV series Bibles I see are just really dull. To look at; to read — YAWN. They might spend a lot of time on them, they might skirt around them — the end result is the same.

It should be remembered: But how to give yourself a fighting chance of a decent series bible?

how do you write a character bios

Essential in your TV Series Bibles 1 A one page pitch No one is afraid of just one page — and even if an overworked reader is having a bad day, then there still should be a good chance of them reading at least THIS page!

Whatever the case, keep it as short as possible.

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Yes, I have seen longer synopses — recently I read a series bible with about words per synopsis. This is really the longest I would recommend. If you believe you can do that too, be my guest.

That is, if it has a story of the week, how the story of the week works, who the returning characters are, how the series ends and how it moves on to series two, intended channel, intended slot, etc etc.

How to Create a Character Profile

Which is of course extremely important when it comes to getting paid. So… What do we have in our bibles? Optional in your TV Series Bibles: If you skimp on it, it could have the opposite effect.

After all, the setting and tone should form part of your one page pitch. A small map of where the main action takes place can help readers hook into where the events are taking place and why. It can be risky as some readers are critical of visual aids.

Getting this one right is really difficult. For another great post about writing TV Series Bibles that includes a free template to download!When you write your character bios what kind of details do you list? There is no right or wrong way, in fact, my bios differ drastically from project to project, but I'm always looking for ways to expand on them.

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I always advise my students and Su-City clients to write character bios — and while they try to hide their rolling eyes or deep sighs (I know what they’re thinking I just want to write my screenplay) — I have to say, once they write the bios there’s always that big AHA moment, and they agree that it was worth it.

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