Health and hygiene in chinese east asia

Lanmei Test, an organisation that claims to be independent, released a video on WeChat earlier this month of a recent undercover inspection, during which its employees left marks on sheets, toilets and cups at five of the capital's five-star hotels.

Health and hygiene in chinese east asia

I had the idea to write a post about hygiene in China and so decided to peruse the Internet to see what people are saying about it. I ran across this comment and many others like it on one forum site.

The sad thing is people are too quick to label others a racist for pointing out the obvious. If I disliked Chinese people because their Chinese, I would be a racist.

Health and hygiene in chinese east asia

The visit to Beijing zoo some 3 hours ago summed it all up. All of the Chinese people, young and old, were banging the glass of the displays and shouting. I stood there and wondered which side of the glass the animals were really on. Then a western kid ran by and did the same.

Her American parents promptly put an end to it and they continued to make their way around the park quietly. The difference between the 2 is monumental. Because Chinese are dirty. I chose to quote this comment because it sums up fairly well what many Western tourists will undoubtedly observe first hand.

However, dehumanizing Chinese people is obviously not the way to go. Understanding is a healthier route than close-minded anger, however righteous.

Eating pizza with gloves. Generally, Chinese people prefer not to eat with their hands or to eat overly messy food like pizza, large hamburgers or tacos. These feet were made for walking This is an observation made by a British businessman who wrote a book about Chinese Business Etiquettethat Chinese people view as distasteful using the foot to perform an action normally done with the hand, i.

Such behavior might trouble some of our more-anal fellow Americans but would definitely horrify most Chinese people. This may have to do with the legacy of Communism when collective responsibility superseded individual accountability and there was no distinction between public and private space.

But today, they keep their own homes as immaculately clean as they can, so the shoes come off at the doorway. Dirty animals As I mentioned, I grew up with dogs so I have no fear of petting or hugging them or letting them lick my hands and face. Chinese people generally shy away from this, even from their own pets.

To their mind, animals are necessarily filthier than humans and contact with them should be limited. Some Americans shower in the morning, some at night.

Americans also shower more frequently than some Europeans. Chinese, on the other hand, generally prefer showering once a day at night, to avoid dirtying their sheets. Makes sense, but I still prefer my freshening morning showers which make me feel presentable in public.

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Again, my own theory on this is that Chinese people care more about the cleanliness of their private space. Keeping their bed immaculate is more important than sparing the public from their body odor.A broadclub cuttlefish in Indonesia.

Its skin contains millions of pigment cells with which it can create ever-changing colours and patterns (as shown in BBC One’s Blue Planet II). Outside major cities, public washrooms vary from mildly unpleasant to utterly repulsive.

In cities, it varies from place to place. High quality bathrooms can be found inside major tourist attractions (e.g., the Forbidden City), at international hotels, office buildings, and upper-class department stores.

Examining matters from the changing ideas of contagion in classical Chinese medical thought to attempts to eradicate SARS in , the essays in this collection explore efforts to overcome disease and improve human health in Chinese regions of East Asia from the late nineteenth century to the present.

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