Essay workshop checklist

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Essay workshop checklist

Lee Views applicationsessaypersonal statement Substance Substance refers to the content of the essay and the message you send out. Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding content: Have I answered the question asked? Do I back up each point that I make with an example? Have I used concrete and personal examples?

Have I been specific? Go on a generalities hunt. Turn the generalities into specifics. Could anyone else have written this essay?

What does it say about me? After Essay workshop checklist a list of all the words you have used within the essay — directly and indirectly — to describe yourself, ask: Does this list accurately represent me?

Does the writing sound like me? Is it personal and informal rather than uptight or stiff? Regarding the introduction, is it personal? Is it too general? Can the essay get along without it? What about the essay makes it memorable? Structure The meaning of an essay can be obscured by not properly ordering your ideas.

Your essay should be a roadmap leading the reader to an inevitable conclusion. To check the overall structure of your essay, conduct a first-sentence check. Write down the first sentence of every paragraph in order.

Read through them one after another and ask the following: Would someone who was reading only these sentences still understand exactly what I am trying to say? Do the first sentences express all of my main points?

Do the thoughts flow naturally, or do they seem to skip around or come out of left field? Now go back to your essay as a whole and ask these questions: Does each paragraph stick to the thought that was introduced in the first sentence? Does a piece of evidence support each point?

How well does the evidence support the point? Is each paragraph roughly the same length? Stepping back and squinting at the essay, do the paragraphs look balanced on the page? If one is significantly longer than the rest, you are probably trying to squeeze more than one thought into it.

Does my conclusion draw naturally from the previous paragraphs? Have I varied the length and structure of my sentences? Interest Many people think only of mechanics when they revise and rewrite their compositions.

As we know, though, the interest factor is crucial in keeping the admissions officers reading and remembering your essay.College Essay Workshop. This page contains affiliate links. A + A-Email Print. Join an online workshop, lead by Brad Schiller of Prompt, who will instruct students in how to develop a plan for writing their personal statement.

Essay workshop checklist

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M – F: 9 am – 5 pm; After Hours Support. We have the resources you need to support your student in their Tufts Experience. Essay Workshop The application is a lifeless thing — a few sheets of paper and a few numbers.

The personal essay is the best way to breathe life into it. Culinary Institute Lenotre is a top culinary arts school in Houston, Texas, offering culinary degree programs, certificates and non-degree seeking options.

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Essay workshop checklist
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