Essay tiger india

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Essay tiger india

It has a royal look, therefore, it has been declared as the national animal of the country. Tiger is a very strong and powerful animal known for its grace, power and agility. It is an Asiatic Carnivorous Animal it has zoologically named as panther tiger. Tiger is found all over the world in various species and subspecies.

Tiger is a violent animal and most beautiful animal on the planet. Tiger lives in dense forest but sometimes they come to the villages and residential areas in search food or this happens because of deforestation.

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In past days the tigers were hunted by the people for the various purpose including the illegal business of its body parts like skin, bones, teeth, nail, etc. Tiger is a carnivorous animal he hunts at night and sleeps in the daytime. They have naturally strong jaws, teeth and sharp claws in order to grasp its prey from distance the long tail helps him to hunt the prey.

Tigers are 13 feet in length and kg in weight.

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They can be easily recognized by the stripes on the upper body. Tiger as a National Animal Tiger was selected as a national animal of India by the government because of its power, strength and agility and also because of its nice names such as king of Jungle and Royal Bengal Tiger.

What is Project Tiger The Project Tiger is a campaign run by the government of India to maintain the population of tiger in the country.

This project was established in in order to save the tiger from the extreme threat of extinction. The main objective of this project to focus on the preservation of remaining tigers all over the country as well as to increase their numbers through the breeding of species.

To provide safety and natural environment around 23 tiger reserves have been made throughout the country. This is an improvement in the tiger population by in the country. However, despite the increasing population of tigers in the country is still not satisfactory as compared to the effort and money spent on this project.

And this start is very important when the focus is to preserve the tigers. I love helping people and providing free education.This is a short essay on the tiger for kids.

There are plenty of facts. People are free to use it in any way they wish. The tiger is admired and feared for its strength and courage.

The tiger has broad shoulders, super strong legs and a terrifyingly hard bite.

Essay tiger india

Asia includes countries such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra and China. Many. India Railway is the lifeline of the commercial and passenger transport services of India.

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The route length of Short Essay On Summer Vacations for Kids and Students. Tiger Essay 6 ( words) Tiger is a very violent wild animal.

It has been declared by the Indian government as the national animal of India. It is considered as the strongest, powerful and most beautiful animal on this planet. National animal of India is the Royal Bengal Tiger.

This essay provides some interesting information on tiger.

Essay tiger india

Words Short Essay on the Tiger for kids Tripura and Central India. There are also big sized tigers in African jungles. The Royal Bengal Tigers of Sunder bans are the most beautiful of all. In India, tiger killing is prohibited. We can find tigers in the zoo, or in the circus. In , India's Project Tiger, started by Indira Gandhi, established numerous tiger reserves.

The project was credited with tripling the number of wild Bengal tigers from some 1, in to over 3, in the s, but a census showed that numbers had dropped .

National Animal of India (Royal Bengal Tiger) - An Essay