Employee empowerment in a transformed organization essay

OECD reports prepared by his team include: An Uphill Battle; Dare to Share: Willem graduated from the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, and holds a doctorate from St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

Employee empowerment in a transformed organization essay

Can organisational culture be more powerful than leadership in organisational change implementation? Introduction Over the last two decades of the twentieth century, theories of organizational change have had a tremendous impact on business and not-for-profit companies.

Many of the top corporations, have implemented one or other change program over the last twenty years, often at the cost of millions of dollars, and involving large-scale restructuring.

At the end of the day, while it is generally agreed that certain change programs have become widely popular, there is considerable debate about the success or failure of the subsequent changes themselves.

Organizational change could be viewed as a response to pressures and forces within and outside an organization or its environment. In fact, a variety of things surround an organization, including: Change management as a field of expertise has arisen from this observation.

This paper is an evaluation of the organizational culture against leadership in the implementation of organizational change. Discussions According to existing management literature on change, there are two types of change in an organization.

One is emergent, the other, planned Bamford and Forrester, The former term means that change originates from any level in the organization, while the latter refers to initiatives that are driven "top-down" in an organization, specifically, those imposed by the management upon the members of the organization.

Employee empowerment in a transformed organization essay

In the case of most companies, planned change should always focus on organizational behavior, taking the firm as one efficiently working whole rather than subdivisions of an organization. Beer and Nohria observed that Mintzberg advocates that each organization is as unique as an organism, with its own characteristics, environment, needs and resources.

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He believes that the nature of change in the business environment is not so destabilizing as to render managers helpless and their organizations ineffective Pool, Instead, Mintzberg argues that the current environment is sufficiently stable that the changes occurring in it can easily be taken as business opportunities.

He has used the notion of metaphor as a way of exploring and understanding organizations and their complex character. He developed this approach to organizational analysis based on his belief that organizations are usually complex, ambiguous and full of paradox Mcmillan Morgan describes organizations as flux and transformation Cameron and Green, From the given discussion, organizational culture seems be powerful at the initial implementation of change management.

However, it is now the ability and leadership effectiveness of the CEO or managers to handle the change processes in their organization. Change in the business environment has become a way of life for most economic organizations.

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Advancements in technology, the pace of competition, globalization, the need to control cost and the increased efficiency coupled with the increasing customer expectations mean that organizations has to evolve and regenerate in order to survive. The pace of change has increased dramatically over the years, and businesses are now faced with highly dynamic and ever more complex operating environments, technologies and products along with the industries they support and serve.

To survive and prosper, organizations must adopt strategies that realistically reflect their ability to manage multiple future scenarios. In these times of dramatic and rapid change, it is imperative that the leaders have a clear vision for the organization that takes into account the many factors that can influence its success.

The bottom line is that organizations are dynamic, evolving systems. Many changes in organizations are based on communication developments. The most prevalent of which, currently, is the expanding nature of electronic communication media. The use of electronic communications leads to changes in other areas.

Manager and employee relationships rely on organizational structure, type of technology, group work and task, and employee empowerment and organizational attitude.

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Change is inherent in contemporary organizational experience, and its management is not only critical to organizational success and survival but is also at the crux of the field of organization development.Managing Change in Organization Essay but solution to the problem is obvious i.e.

restructuring of organization, empowerment and development of employees etc. The Structure of Shell was transformed from a strict bureaucratic structure to a simple flexible structure characterized by autonomy in decision making to respective department.

Employee empowerment is a term that describes an employee mindset of responsibility, accountability, capability, and autonomy. In terms of business, empowerment is the opposite of micromanagement. This is why it is beneficial for managers.

Successful change management involves the employees

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin transformational leadership on these outcomes, transformational leaders can influence employee behavior so that the behavior has a positive impact on the organization. T ransformational leadership theory has captured the . Employee one and his colleagues in turn push harder than they would without the marketing manager’s ability to reward his subordinates, including employee one.

Legitimate power is the power an individual receives because of his or her position in the formal hierarchy of the organization (Robbins & Judge, ). Aon Hewitt Proprietary and Confidential Managing Employee Engagement During Times of Change 2 Today’s global economy has clearly had a big impact on the way organizations operate.

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