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The entire country was in an uproar last week, or, to be precise — all the state media shook heaven and earth in response to the report that a kindergarten teacher in Beersheva refused to accept an Arab child in her private kindergarten. One woman TV reporter from Channel 2 responded in the following words: I too do not want my children to learn in a kindergarten or in school with Arab children.

Duree rencontre u15

How will we create the future compatible campus when the 21st century is almost upon us?


Change seems to be occurring at an ever increasing rate. Many of the reasons for this rapid pace of change relate to information technology. The volume of new information is increasing at such a rapid Duree rencontre u15 that the class of will be exposed to more new data in a year than their grandparents encountered in a lifetime.

The evidence of the information explosion is all around us. Ten thousand scientific articles are published every day Forman, Ninety percent of all scientists who have ever lived are alive today Prusak, unpublished.

Beginning inthe Chemical Abstracts Society took 31 years to accumulate its first million abstracts; the next million took 18 years, and the most recent took 1. More articles have been published on chemistry in the last two years than all of recorded history before It would take over five years to read just the new listings added each month Van Alstyne, Predictions are that by the yearknowledge will double every 73 days.

One of the defining trends of the future will be the rate of change. In fact, for the first time in the history of higher education, the ability to manage change is becoming a competitive differentiator.

Education has already become a lifetime process and with the advent of a "virtual" university comes the possibility of providing the learning people need, when they need it, wherever they happen to be.

Duree rencontre u15

Success as a "lifetime" university will mean the creation of a much more flexible and adaptive education. Some classes may need to be available in modules so that students can choose the parts they need to know. There are other indicators of the rate of change. Microprocessor performance has been increasing at a relatively constant rate, doubling approximately every 18 months.

Duree rencontre u15

This trend is expected to continue. Its impact, however, is a perceived time compression which will cause changes in business, education, entertainment and daily life. A steady rate of growth 2x per period of time, as in 2, 4, 8, 16, The result is that it takes less time to cover the same increment of technological improvement as time goes on.

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