Differences between a virus and a

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Differences between a virus and a

Android is an open source, free, Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. The system was designed and developed by Android Inc. Windows Phone is a series of proprietary software developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation.

Windows Phone is a closed-sourced, which means that it is solely developed by the company and protected by copyright.

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The company offers a bunch of new features compared to the older Windows Mobile OS. Prior to the Android vs. Windows debate, there would only be the Windows palm pilots or pocket PCs that ruled the market.

These were also only popular for many businessmen keeping appointments and phone numbers in one place. Then Android was introduced to the market in and a lot of changes were made bringing technology to the point we are now. While, many people believed that Android was a just a rookie gearing up to fail, not many people saw that it would become one of the most popular smartphone OS in the market.

This has also caused many other companies to step up and challenge Android. Windows has recently launched the Windows 8 Mobile systems and is currently a popular OS among Nokia fans. Android and Windows Mobile are two different operating systems that run on phones, smartphones and tablets.

Android is an open source software, which means that the code is freely available under the Apache License for modification and distribution by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers.

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As the Android is open source software, manufacturers can modify the operating system to suit their respective needs and phones.

This becomes a cheap and feasible alternative for the manufacturer, as opposed to developing an operating system in-house or hiring a software company to do it. Among the number of various companies, Google has also launched its own line of smartphones based on Android, called the Google Nexus.

Each device in the Nexus line is produced via collaboration between Google and a leading original equipment manufacturer OEM partner.

Traditionally, each new Nexus phone is launched with a new version of Android and provides the unadulterated Android experience.

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Furthermore, as many manufacturers are running Android on their phones as well as the added benefit of Android being open source, many developers can develop content, apps and games for Android. The content, apps and games are then available in Google Play, the Android App Market, many at times freely.

Hence, developers get to showcase their talent on a widespread forum, and the availability of numerous and free apps and games, make Android popular for consumers. Another popular feature of Android is the number of apps and the Google Play.

Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market is an application distribution platform, where developers publish applications for the many Android users. The applications are also developed by an open community and many of them are free for downloading through Google Play.

Android is also popular because of constant and frequents updates that are available by Google. Google releases major updates every six to nine months, with minor updates much faster.

The latest Google update was the 4. The software is the successor to the original Windows Mobile platform but it does not support it as the older platform has been discontinued. It is aimed at the consumer phone market rather than the enterprise market.

The system was launched in October of and the company announced the software at the Mobile World Congress in February Microsoft released an updated version of Windows Phone 7 and showcased features such as: Internet Explorer 9, multi-tasking of third party apps, Twitter integration, Windows Live and Skydrive access.

The latest release is the Windows Phone 8, which offers the new Live Tiles is currently being offered on the new Nokia Lumia series. The system offers new features such as:WebMD explains how to tell the difference between a common cold and allergies.

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Introduction. Viruses, worms, Trojans, and bots are all part of a class of software called malware.

Differences between a virus and a

Malware or malicious code (malcode) is short for malicious software. What Are Colds and Allergies? They have different causes. You get a cold when a tiny living thing called a virus gets into your body.

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There are hundreds of different types that can get you sick. HAV is found in the feces (poop) of people with hepatitis A and is usually spread by close personal contact (including sex or living in the same household).

Differences between a virus and a

The symptoms of these three mosquito-borne diseases are very similar, which makes the diagnosis more difficult. However, there are few differences that can be used to distinguish the disease and avoid misdiagnoses. There is no cure for these virus diseases, the treatment consists on relieving the symptoms and a proper clinical .

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