Darling and leffel

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Darling and leffel

Why would a Harvard PhD economist and tenured university professor make ridiculous assertions about China that no self-respecting economist would claim ownership of? He joined the faculty inthe same year as Navarro.

They contain some truths, but Navarro cherry-picks the data to prove his points. The meeting led to Navarro asking Leffel to act as the counterweight in his China class. After Navarro joined the Trump administration, Leffel and Graham discarded his material from the syllabus.

I asked Leffel how he would summarize his experience working with Navarro. That was an insightful observation. Chang published The Coming Collapse of China in In view of China quadrupling the size of its economy since that publication, Chang should have eggs all over his face.

Instead, Navarro can see that his friend became a media darling and is frequently interviewed about his views on China.

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The so-called fake-news people, those we would otherwise consider as mainstream media, know that they can always count on Chang to give a colorful and negative point of view about China. Navarro has taken China-bashing as the road to success to another level.

He writes better than Chang, is more telegenic and has resources to tap that are not available to Chang. Chang attended those premieres and celebrated with selfies taken with Navarro. When it comes to China, Navarro is not driven by facts and has no desire to write with authenticity and scholarship.

To my knowledge, none of his papers on China have been published in peer-reviewed, prestigious academic or professional journals. During the presidential election, he co-authored with Wilbur Ross an economic plan for the upcoming administration of Donald Trump.

A public letter from economistsincluding 19 Nobel laureates, labeled the plan an unmitigated disaster. Despite such condemnation, Navarro now stands as the key economic whisperer to President Trump.

A five-time loser in politics In his earlier life, Navarro ran unsuccessfully for political office. He came within a whisker of becoming the mayor of San Diego, the second-largest city of California. That was his first attempt running for public office, and he led the all-party primary field with The voters turned against Navarro.

He would run for various offices in San Diego four more times. Each time, his campaign tactics were nastier than the previous. Mudslinging was his standard procedure. When Navarro was first announced as joining the Trump administration, The San Diego Union Tribune published a pointedly hostile review of his past association with the city.

Now Navarro is part of the team steering US economic policy. If Trump really listens to him, only the Almighty can save us. Asia Times is not responsible for the opinions, facts or any media content presented by contributors.

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Darling and leffel

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