Business plan on palm oil production in nigeria 2016

The only amount of money needed for the land acquisition is about Nfor compensating the owners of the land before the community takes over the ownership of the land. Among the various villages that make up different Local Government Area, the oil mill will be producing some products as palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernel powder and other stuffs used as raw materials for subsidy industries in Imo State within the south eastern region. Industries that will benefit from this oil mill include; the soap industry, cosmetic industries, beverages industries, food industries etc. It is estimated that the revenue generated by the mill will be up to N 3 million a month.

Business plan on palm oil production in nigeria 2016

The foundation of the workshop floor has begun. According to the situation on site, our Chief Engineer Dr. Li drew the layout and size of each workshop by hand and had an in-deep communication with our clients.

Business Plan For Palm Kernel Oil Extracting Factory - Business - Nairaland

And in the evening, Joy introduced on of his friend to us. Business Talk Business Talk Abuja In March 24th, they went to Abuja to visit the workshop of one of our client who had bought palm oil refinery plant from us but was not installed yet. This time, they went to check the equipment and give some suggestions on the preparation of project installation so that to save the installation time and cost.

business plan on palm oil production in nigeria 2016

Our Clients Our Clients ABC Machinery is a professional palm oil mill machinery manufacturer and supplierwe can not only offer the most cost effective single oil processing equipment, but also can offer turnkey projects for both palm kernel and palm fruit to extract high quality cooking oils.

If you have any interests, please do not forget to contact for more detailed technical information and latest price!

business plan on palm oil production in nigeria 2016

We are always her for you!The business opportunities in red palm oil production in Africa are quite impressive. Palm oil makes up nearly 50 percent of edible oils consumed worldwide.

Apart from being a popular ingredient in African food (especially soups, stews and pottage), palm oil has one . Thriving in some African countries and Asia, the palm oil production and processing business is a booming one with more room for investments.

For entrepreneurs interested in exploiting this investment opportunity, there are procedures to do so, some of which include first, the writing of an effective business plan.

This Sample Palm Oil Business Plan in Nigeria and feasibility study can be used to access bank loans and DOWN TO THE END OF THIS ARTICLE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN GET OUR BUSINESS PLAN AND FEASIBILITY STUDY ON PALM OIL PRODUCTION IN NIGERIA - Palm oil business is seen as one of the most lucrative business.

According to United State Department of Agriculture, the crude palm oil production in Nigeria is , metric tonnes (MT) (), which is far below 1, MMT domestic demand in , within the period a deficit of , were imported the same year to supplement the domestic production.

Agrobusiness investors in Nigeria are fast exploring the investment opportunities that exist in the Oil Palm value chain – for which a key chain is the investment in Oil Palm Plantation. Before the discovery of crude oil in the late s in Nigeria, palm oil and its derivatives accounted for nearly 50% of .

Our sample Palm Oil Production / Processing business plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on palm oil production in Nigeria was done.


Business Plan On Palm Oil Production & Distribution Feasibility Study