Buod ng tondo man ay may langit din

Donya Juana- ang kapatid ni Donya Leonora at prinsesang ikinulong sa balon. Siya ay mas makapangyarihan pa kay Haring Salermo. May Taglay na Mahika Blanka Serpyente- isang ahas na may pitong ulo. Ito rin ang nagbabantay kay donya Leonora.

Buod ng tondo man ay may langit din

He was in the city during that time and he and his family survived by planting "talinum" a kind of herb that they pushed by cart and sold at Quiapo.

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If he is still alive, he must be as old as my parents. At Liwayway Publishing, he was junior to Liwayway A. I only mentioned this so I will remember them as I have the books of these writers in my to-be-read folder and they barely have Wikipedia entries so I'd like to remember who are senior or junior to who.

The setting seems to be in the 70's even if my edition of the book was only copyrighted in The reason why I could tell that this was in the 70's was the way the characters talk, what they do, what they study in school, and the absence of traffic.

The word "hatset" as in "Ano'ng hatset ngayon?

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Then I remembered that in the 80's, my cousins here in Manila, were using that word to mean "food. Cruz used "baro" as in "Punit na ang kanyang baro" referring to the shirt of the male main protagonist when nowadays writers would refer to it as simply "t-shirt.

I have not been to Tondo and have not seen that school where a couple of my friends finished their high school. These two friends of mine are both smart and readers so that must be a school with high standards of teaching.

Then the two, the rich girl and poor guy, not Jzhun and Jam fall in love with each other, get married and they live happily ever after. There are secondary characters and subplot.

Alma is not the original girlfriend of Victor. At first, he has been in love with Flor who gets pregnant by a rich but married businessman. Flor wants to go out of Tondo and she sees no other way and experience how is it to be rich by being a mistress.

Then Victor is the only hope of his poor family so he is studying very well even if his brother Lukas questions his manhood because Victor is not like him: Then there is also a writer in school who is pro-American and this is very evident with the way he praises America in his books.

You see, Tondo is a district in Manila that used to be where the slums were. I have paternal half-cousins living there at Bangkusay. I've seen some of them when they went and visit my grandmother when I was in college. But I've never been to their place. My grandmother used to tell me stories about them and the rumbles and fights where people are armed with knives, bolos and poisoned bow and arrows.

She said the my cousins are street-smart and brave and would not hesitate to kill their enemies by disemboweling them. When my grandmother died, we lost contact. Until last week, when their eldest asked for help from my handsome brother, a lawyer, because that cousin of ours stabbed two of his enemies over some money dispute.

The injured enemies are alive but our cousin and his wife are now fugitives, they don't have money to put on bail, and they are hiding fearing for their lives. That's the reason why I decided to read this book. I thought I'd like to know more about Tondo.

There is also that kind of scene here and the way Cruz described it was so effective I thought I was in the scene. Felt dated at times but it was a nice read.Tundo Man May Langit Din Buod.

I. Buod Nagsimula ang kwento sa pagtawag ni Flor kay Victor upang imbitahin itong makipagkita sa kanya sa Quiapo. Dito, nalaman ni Victor na buntis si Flor ng dalawang buwan. Sinabi rin ni Flor kay Victor ang tungkol sa isang babaeng pumunta sa kanya sa apartment na nagpapakilalang asawa ng ama ng kanyang dinadalang anak na si Tonyo.

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Buod ng tondo man ay may langit din

Feb 17,  · Ang Tundo man ay may Langit Din ni Andres Cristobal Cruz greeneration Hari ng Tondo Gloc9 feat Denise with lyrics - Duration: Beyonce Love On Top Lyrics HQ YouTube - . Tondo and Many More BUOD: Nagsimula ang Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din sa pagtawag ni Flor kay Victor upang sila’y muling magkita.

Nagtagpo ang dalawang dating magsingirog sa dati nilang madalas na punatahan na palamigan sa Quiapo. Doon nalaman ni Victor na dalawang buwan nang nagdadalangtao sa Flor sa kanyang asawa na si Tonyo.

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