America moves to the city

The Central Brooklyn branch approved the recommendation during a Wednesday night meeting, according to Danya Lagos, an official with the organization.

America moves to the city

Planning commissions must contend with history and economics, balancing and integrating the needs of old and new, rich and poor. Some residents want big change; some want little. Longtime property owners might cash in and move out, while others stay put. Whites fled to the suburbs, buoyed by federally-backed mortgages for new housing construction.

African-Americans and other people of color stayed in cities and faced the legalized racial discrimination that underpinned redlining and exclusionary covenants. In the mostly white suburbs, this meant big houses with big yards but little neighborhood identity, and downtown commercial areas that were largely deserted after 7 p.

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For residents who stayed in urban neighborhoods, quality of life declined with the denial of access to capital, as these areas struggled to attract families who could functionally and fiscally purchase property. But restrictions imposed from the state government as well as easily exploitable local zoning loopholes have made integrating affordable housing more difficult here than in many other cities.

That is the biggest challenge Charlotte faces in this redesign: The plan calls for more mass transit, basic retail and small park gathering spaces, and limiting the number of parking places within the downtown area on the assumption that fewer people will drive into a downtown, and use other transportation options instead.

A rendering of North Tryon's more pedestrian-friendly thoroughfares. North Tryon Vision Plan Charlotte saw that growth in the city center was concentrated south and west of Trade and Tryon streets the historic heart of the cityand that neighborhoods adjoining the city center had degenerated in some respects.

So the plan is to move future development further north and east of the skyscrapers, to accommodate business growth and add new housing and retail to these areas that often have a higher proportion of surface parking lots.

America moves to the city

Perhaps a more critical factor is that Cherry, Lockwood, NoDa and other neighborhoods with older housing stock and higher levels of poverty now border this redevelopment project. Some think too much high-end housing will raise property values and displace residents in these adjacent neighborhoods.

Others believe that a rejuvenated downtown coming closer to their neighborhoods will help to stabilize them. The original vision plan was released at the end ofand some offices, housing and street redesigns have been announced or built since then. Yet the plan is clearly not set in stone. For example, the Hal Marshall Center, a county program service center in the development area, sits on 17 acres.

The discussion centers around devoting five of those acres to a park, and developing the rest with apartments, hotels, shops, restaurants and offices.

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Another piece of the development puzzle is Spirit Square. The four-square-block space is in an older part of downtown, with historic theaters and a church, along with a county library in need of a facelift. Amid this prime real estate is an undeveloped plot of surface parking.

Bank of America owns multiple acres in this area, and its headquarters are nearby. The finished product would feature diagonal pedestrian walking areas cutting through the blocks, a shrinking of through streets so they can more easily close for weekend festivals, and below-ground parking garages.

Ground has not broken on any related projects yet. But the redesign, however it shakes out, intends to serve multiple purposes for multiple groups. It would be simple to move the county library out of downtown, but the city understands that the library is connected organically to the theaters and museums nearby — all are services and experiences that benefit local and citywide residents.

In the heart of Spirit Square is Discovery Place, a combination science museum and education facility. Bank of America has donated a nearby half-block of property to the museum so it can expand and remain in place as the larger four-block area is redone.

Old willow oak trees pop from the sidewalks, separating pedestrians from car traffic. Historically this area was a trading center for the Catawba tribe, and Trade and Tryon streets were the longtime hubs of that activity.

This intersection was also where the Great Wagon Road rolled through town, a dirt path that connected settlements from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Augusta, Georgia in the mids; it carried European settlers south and west. But the recent Charlotte growth is not unique, and many historians look to the boom of the Northeast cities in the late s and early s for similar growth patterns.

Philadelphia went from 1 million to 1. But from untilaccording to U. Census figures, Charlotte has grown in population by percent. Less drastic, but still significant, increases are evident in Austin, Texas percentPhoenix, Arizona 65 percentand Jacksonville, Florida 40 percent.

A map showing the Vision Plan area. North Tryon Vision Plan Mapping this recent growth reveals an interesting pattern. Thirty years ago, the growth was in concentric circles in suburbs outside the city center.

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But the current growth cycle for southern cities over the last decade has largely reversed to concentric circles of development outside the urban core and younger people moving back into the city.

These cities of the south and west have the ability to grow in multiple directions — upward, inward, and outward — with the advantage of warmer weather. The weather can make walking and biking more functional, allows outdoor parks to be used for more months during the year, as economic growth provides a driving force in the background.The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "America Moves to the City, - " is the property of its rightful owner.

Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with Aug 07,  · Enter City and State or Zip Code. America's Got Talent puppet moves on from Simon Cowell, finds love in Jackson In Darci Lynne Farmer's route to victory on America. 25 America Moves to the City, – Chapter Theme.

Theme: In the late nineteenth century, American society was increasingly dominated by large urban centers.

America moves to the city

Explosive urban growth was accompanied by often disturbing changes, including the New Immigration, crowded slums, religious challenges and transformations, and conflicts over culture and values.

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