Alcohol and its affect on society essay

It makes it easy to forget about the negative effects: These negative effects occur every single time one drinks, even a single beer. The more one drinks, the stronger these negative effects.

Alcohol and its affect on society essay

Most people exhibit some degree of functional sedation and motor incapacitation at a BAC of 0. Habitual heavy drinking, however, does produce increased tolerance to alcohol. As BACs rise above 0. Well-adapted, very heavy drinkers may continue to function fairly well in some motor and mental tasks even up to concentrations of 0.

At yet higher BACs, deep coma sets in. Ordinarily, however, it is not likely that anybody would attain a BAC above 0. In a man of average build such a level would require the ingestion and unmetabolized absorption of between a pint and a quart that is, almost a half-litre to a full litre of spirits.

An Introduction to Alcoholism

Long-term health effects of drinking The drinking of a small amount 1 ounce Alcohol and its affect on society essay ml] of absolute alcohol, or two standard drinks per dayeven if done regularly for years, does not have any conclusively demonstrated pathological effect except for a small increased risk for some cancers.

An exception to this rule is drinking during pregnancy—even one standard drink a week may harm the fetus. Mild infrequent intoxication produces a variety of temporary biochemical disturbances in the body: However, these changes leave no chronic aftereffects, and the body rapidly returns to normal.

Some drinkers are willing to suffer the mild and even the more severe aftereffects of occasional intoxication for the sake of the temporary dissociation, euphoria, or socialization associated with it, but frequent intoxication, even of moderate degree, imposes a severe and debilitating burden on the drinker.

The irritating effects of alcohol, especially in undiluted strong beverages, can result in damage to the tissues of the mouthpharynxesophagusand stomach and an increased susceptibility to cancer in these organs.

The liver is likely to suffer serious damage if it must cope for extended periods with the detoxication of large amounts of alcohol. There can also be damage to the heart muscle and the pancreas.

Frequent heavy drinking that leads to severe intoxication or the prolonged steady maintenance of a high alcohol concentration in the body has been shown to be linked to many impairments or injuries. Disorders commonly linked to alcoholism are diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies, cardiomyopathy, accidents, suicide, cirrhosisand impaired resistance to infection.

Worldwide, such chronic alcohol abuse causes as much death and disability as measles and malaria and results in more years lost to death and disability than are caused by tobacco or illegal drugs.

For a discussion of pathologic states caused by alcohol consumption, see alcoholism. Fetal alcohol syndrome There is evidence that even occasional drinking by an expectant mother can endanger the development of the fetus and result in a variety of birth defects; these are referred to together as fetal alcohol syndrome.

The defects include abnormal physical features, disorders of the central nervous system, and slow development. Some specific signs of fetal alcohol syndrome are a small head, small eyelid openings, a sunken nasal bridge, a cleft palatedefective joints in the hands and feet, heart abnormalities, and mental impairment.

Some babies may be so severely affected that they die soon after birth.

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When their brains are studied, they are found to be poorly developed with portions sometimes entirely missing. Fetal alcohol syndrome is not a rare occurrence; its prevalence in the United States in was reported to range from 0. Much current medical opinion supports the view that alcohol should be totally avoided during pregnancy because of the possibility that the fetus may be harmed by even very low or infrequent doses.

In the U. Fermentation can occur in any mashed sugar-containing food—such as grapes, grains, berries, or honey—left exposed in warm air. Yeasts from the air act on the sugar, converting it to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Alcoholic beverages were thus probably discovered accidentally by preagricultural cultures.

Early peoples presumably liked the effects, if not the taste, and proceeded to purposeful production. From merely gathering the wild-growing raw materials, they went on to regular cultivation of the vine and other suitable crops.

Few preliterate groups did not learn to convert some of the fruit of the earth into alcohol. In the case of starchy vegetation, quite primitive agriculturists learned how to convert the starch to fermentable sugar through preliminary chewing.

Saliva contains an enzyme that carries out this conversion.

Alcohol and its affect on society essay

Alcohol is the oldest and still one of the most widely used drugs. The making of wines and beers has been reported from several hundred preliterate societies. The importance of these alcoholic beverages is evident in the multiplicity of customs and regulations that developed around their production and uses.

They often became central in the most valued personal and social ceremonies, especially rites of passage, and were ubiquitous in such activities as births, initiations, marriages, compacts, feasts, conclaves, crownings, magic rites, medicine, worship, hospitality, war making, peace making, and funerals.

The manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages was already common in the earliest civilizations, and it was commercialized and regulated by government. The oldest known code of laws, the Code of Hammurabi of Babylonia c.

Sumerian physician-pharmacists prescribed beer c.Illiteracy prevents society from developing at a steady rate: Many illiterate people are unable to support depend on support from family, friends and the government. As a result, society must use its limited resources to take care of illiterate people and their families.

This support comes in the form of regular financial assistance, food provisions and job training programs. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) supports the university’s mission of student success by promoting the best possible academic, vocational, and emotional health for Florida Tech students.

Alcohol consumption was less sensitive to short-term differences in alcohol advertising exposure than to the long-term effects of exposure. Given that there was an impact on drinking using an objective measure of advertising expenditures, the results are inconsistent with the hypothesis that a correlation between advertising exposure and.

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