A description of the department of social welfare and development office in zamboanga city who regis

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A description of the department of social welfare and development office in zamboanga city who regis

Smith, Abt Associates Chapter Authors: Department of State James L. Climate Effects on U. CH16 The global impacts of climate climate change, variability, and extreme events are already having important implications for societies and ecosystems around the world and are projected to continue to do so into the future.

These interests include economics and trade Key Message 1international development and humanitarian assistance Key Message 2national security Key Message 3and transboundary resources Key Message 4. While these four topics are addressed separately, they can also affect each other.

For example, climate-related disasters in developing countries not only have significant local and regional socioeconomic impacts, but they can also set back U. The impacts of climate change, variability, and extremes that occur outside the United States can directly affect the U.

These foreign impacts are in addition to the impacts that climate change, variability, and extreme events within U. In addition to local impacts on U. These impacts occur on a wide range of timescales, ranging from months to multiple decades. For example, the prices of agricultural and mining commodities and manufactured goods are affected by year-to-year and decadal climate variations in the availability of irrigation water for agriculture or hydroelectric power.

An example is the damaging effect that a series of short-term climate extremes in and had on global wheat production. These extremes included drought in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States and damaging precipitation in Australia.

A corresponding reduction in wheat production, in combination with high demand, low stocks, trade policies, and other factors, contributed to a spike in global wheat prices. The opposite is generally true for impacts that drive prices down.

Impact of Thailand Flooding on U.

Business Interests Figure Severe flooding in Thailand in created significant disruptions of local business operations and global supply chains, resulting in a range of impacts to U.

Climate risks are being increasingly recognized and reported by businesses. One way they are doing this is through partnerships with environmental groups.

For example, Starbucks and Conservation International 30 have partnered to strengthen the capacity of coffee farmers and supply chains to manage climate risks, 31 while Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund are working together to protect foreign watersheds that Coca-Cola uses for water supply.

Global trade can promote resilience to climate change by shifting production of goods and services to areas with more favorable climates and away from those with less favorable climates.

A description of the department of social welfare and development office in zamboanga city who regis

Few studies exist that quantify the impact of climate change on U. The United States provides technical and financial support to help developing countries better anticipate and address the impacts of climate change, variability, and extreme events.


These sectors, and the U. Developing countries are often highly vulnerable to climate extremes, which can set back development and increase the need for disaster response and recovery assistance. For example, inHurricane Mitch devastated Honduras and Nicaragua, killing thousands of people and causing widespread damage to property and infrastructure.

Department of Defense DoD jointly responded with an immediate relief effort. USAID also reoriented many of its programs to focus on longer-term recovery.

Drought can have impacts on food production and security at multiple scales. At the national level, the loss of food and income and the need to help farmers through bad years can set back development.

At the household level, drought can wipe out crops and financial assets and leave families vulnerable to starvation. The United States works at several levels to help countries anticipate drought and to provide farmers with tools to manage risks to their crops and finances.


Before the drought and food crisis materialized, USAID mobilized an emergency aid program and providedmetric tons of food to more than 4 million people. More than 25, Ethiopian farmers who purchased this type of insurance received payouts during the drought, helping them to pay off debts, feed their families, and care for livestock.

The analyses integrate information on climate, agricultural production, prices, trade, nutrition, and other societal factors to develop scenarios of food security around the world 6 to 12 months in advance. This map shows projections of peak populations in need of emergency food assistance in Jamaican agriculture was severely affected by drought in However, farmers who used the drought forecast fully were able to cut their losses nearly in half that year compared to farmers who did not use or did not have access to the forecast.

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For instance, in the Philippines, the United States has supported six cities and provinces to consider climate impacts in the provision of water supply and wastewater treatment services.Social Welfare Officer I (1) – Center Head, Funded Vacant MARIVIC M. JABAT – Social Welfare Officer I (Houseparent) EDNA MANGUBAT – Social Welfare Officer I (Houseparent).

Key Message 2 International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. The impacts of climate change, variability, and extreme events can slow or reverse social and economic progress in developing countries, thus undermining international aid and investments made by the United States and increasing the need for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

1 Message of the Secretary The issuance of Executive Order 15, Series of (Redirecting the Functions and Operations of the Department of Social Welfare and Development). Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

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alterations and repairs may be made provided that in any Mr. Donovan is currently responsible for the overall affairs of the Department of the Air Force; organizing, training, equipping, and providing for the welfare of all , active duty, Guard, Reserve, and civilian Airmen and their families worldwide.

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